It's time to go highbrow here at Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, as Ant has brought in the award winning 'Kiss of the Spider Woman' of 1985, after a trawl through Raul Julia's back catalogue. As a result we have a moderately serious show to present as Rich, Ant and Abi chat about the movie, its success despite being essentially about two prisoners in a Brazilian cell, its triumph as the first independent movie to boast an Oscar winning performance, its ever curious character motivations, and how it succeeds as a film despite it's somewhat worthy nature. Also, what is with the name? Of course they had to keep it to tie into the source text!

Recorded: 30 November 2014.


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Original Airdate (Canada): 30 May 1995.

Sometimes an episode is so good you end up desperately trying not to watch it. That was the case this time as Oli and Abi bring on their commentary for 'The Deal', one of the best Vecchio episodes of the show, and one of the best overall. This is the one with the basketball, Francesca's highly weird hunting gambit, some superb cinematography, the basketball again, and the almost-annihilation of Fraser. Listen in as our dynamic duo chat about the episode in ever decreasing circles until the end, even invoking Ray's Gepetto diversion, and debating whether this is the reality finally hitting Fraser's little deluded world!

As always the duo were paused at 00:00 on the video track of region 2 PAL DVD boxsets of the first season of 'Due South', anxiously poised to start with all of you. For more fan commentaries from around the world, you could check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries.

Rating: Green Plus.
Recorded: 10 February 2015.



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Jean Claude van Damme and Rob Schneider join forces in this week's movie, posing a frightening prospect for the Spoiler Filled crew of Rich, Abi, Jamie and Ant as they consider 'Knock Off' from 1998. Yes, a fashion designer gets caught up in espionage antics in Hong Kong during the changeover... and it's a comedy too! Listen in as the crew chatter about the tendency for top villains to have swanky bases, the universal and inexplicable dubbing, the extremely eccentric visual tricks, Schneider's terrible Connery impression, a fireproof cop, and just how it is a fashion designer actually knows how to do the things he does! Oh, and there's a 'Torching The Peach' incident again, finally! It's been a long time since the commentary for 'The Core'!

Recorded: 22 November 2014.


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It's spoiler filled, and it's a film conversation, so hooray! On this occasion the film in question is 1995's 'Strange Days' and it is Jamie's choice. Listen in as Rich, Jamie, Ant and Abi discuss this cyber film noir by the mysterious axis of Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron. The Crew like the movie overall, so it's a grand old chat, even if the movie does start off with the veritable bucketload of setup. Points of interest include the Cameron writing effect, the mystery of whether 1999 was secretly like 'Strange Days' and mini-discs were evil, the presence of literal backstabbings, the de-wigging of Tom Sizemore and the comparative lack of special effects. If any of this sounds interesting then listen in and welcome!

Recorded: 16 November 2014.


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Original US Airdate: 10 October 1993.

Here we go again, with a fan commentary for the third regular episode of 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'! Oli and Abi return for this invisible man mystery with the subtle subtext that everyone is invisible, even the Film Bin Crew. Lots of points to note in this, including the wonderful vintage Superman merchandise scattered throughout the episode, and yet another rant about how Superman would have a much smaller effective range than you would think. All that, and the casting of the nicest possible man you could ever put in a television show of film, an 'Iron Man' connection, and one of the scariest Cat Grant costumes in the whole first season of the show.

Once again the episode was paused at 00:00, at black, on the region 2 PAL DVDs, synched to start after the countdown. For more fan commentaries from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. If Zarban were invisible, we would all be very scared. Tweet us at @FilmBinCrew if you have any feedback, or e-mail filmbinmail@gmail.com.

Rating: Green.
Recorded: 25 January 2015.



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This time on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, it's time to get back to the Brave Little Toaster universe in the sequel 'The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars' from 1998. It's Rich's choice, so listen in as he, Abi, Jamie and Ant chatter on about something extremely and oddly bad. Yes, there may be the novelties of Farrah Fawcett playing a faucet, Wayne Knight, the villain being Einstein's hearing aid, and this being DeForest Kelley's final acting role, but in the final analysis this film is quite the mess. Will it rule out the Film Bin Crew's returning for the missing instalment of the trilogy? Will Rich repent of that vow? Will the poor quality animation destroy the world before the giant fridge's Martian military toasters do the job? You tell us!

Note: There are some quality issues for this recording, but it is never unlistenable or distracting.

Recorded: 09 November 2014.


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Original airdate (Canada) : 06 October 1994.

This time Abi and Oli comment over the episode 'Manhunt', which guest stars the incomparable Leslie Nielsen as Mountie legend Buck Frobisher. This show again makes great strides and gets us to the beginnings of a credible Ray/Benny friendship as well as establishing Fraser's tendency for getting wounded in the leg.

Recurring themes are Fraser's uncertainties with women, horses, hospitals and Ray's persistent incredulity at what he's being asked to do. There's also some incidental thematic setup for the end of the season but to tell would be to spoil it. We do a fairly good at commenting and even stay on topic! 'Due South' is one of those shows that tends to cast actors with reality to spare. Next time there shall be horses!

Rating: Green.

Recorded: 06 May 2013.

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Original airdate (Canada) : 29/09/1994

Episode two of 'Due South' sees faithful and loyal mountie Benton Fraser take the lead and establish his credentials as a quirky hero while Ray mainly takes a back seat. The title 'Diefenbaker's Day Off' also indicates the prominence of Bennie's wolf Diefenbaker, now recast by the real Diefenbaker! Join Abi and Oli as they try to resist wolf envy.

In this episode the awesome song is 'American Woman', Ray's wardrobe continues to evolve, one of the earliest classic 'Due South' montages appers and we question just how mad Fraser is really. He does have one-sided conversations with Diefenbaker, after all, and seems to be simple and complex simultaneously. We also miss that the doctor is the crook and unforgivably start to waffle on about Paul Gross is a rather good comedic actor.

Next time we do 'Due South' the late great Leslie Nielsen will be in the house!

Rating: Green.
Recorded: 23/04/2013.

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Ant had a plan. First he would get everyone to watch 'F/X: The Art Of Illusion' for a podcast, and then he would spring the sequel on them as the topper! Yes, it's Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray time, and on this occasion the film in question is 'F/X 2: The Deadly Art Of Illusion' from 1991. Join Rich, Ant and Abi as they chat over the cinematic fluff and oddities of this cult classic. We're using 'classic' in the negotiable sense. Oh, the quaint computer clichés, the weirdness of having a private bar, a maddingly long revenge plan and a mandatory wrestling reference all combine to make this a very spoiler filled chat indeed. Also, there's mashed potato snow and a remote control submarine. Business as usual in the Film Bin Vault!

Recorded: 03 November 2014.


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Original UK airdate: 21 September 1969.

Whoooo! Whoooo! Something spooky in the Film Bin Vault lurks, a fan commentary perhaps? Or a spectre? Mwahahahahahahah! This time on Film Bin Commentaries, Rich and Oli present their fan commentary for the first episode of the legendary ITC show 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'. Yes, a television show about a detective duo, one of whom is dead!

It'a a fascinating series, one that totally perfected the jump cut of ghost Marty teleporting, and one built around the unprepossessing character of detective Jeff Randall, as played by the indomitably wonderful Mike Pratt. Never was there a more average looking bloke than Mike Pratt, and he worked perfectly in the role.

Listen in as the Film Bin crew chatter on about the cast, the 'Indiana Jones' connection, the bizarre tactics of inner city London assassins, and the wonders of 1960s decor. Also, that was mightily admirable progressive casting to put Dolores Mantez in such a prominant role. Well done, 1968 production staff! Now, if only Jeff's flat made more sense, and Jeannie 'The Widow' Hopkirk could have had more to do in the series...

We were paused at black at 00:00 of the video track for this episode, on our region 2 PAL dvds. For more fan commentaries for films and television from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. Zarban wears a lot of white. We will say no more. Make of that what you will.

Recorded: 21 January 2015.


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