It's that time again, as Film Bin Commentaries presents a fan commentary for Ron Howard's 'Night Shift' of 1982. Yes, the stealthy ninja of film making has struck again, and left almost no trace of his existence apart from two cameos in one film and having comrade Henry Winkler as the lead. Two cameos? Now, that's just greedy. Join Oli, Abi and Rich as they talk over what is a very funny and messed up comedy, and wonder just what is going on in Bill Blaze's head, if anything at all.

It should be noted that as a second attempt at this commentary (finally we're caught up and there will be no more repeats) it comes off as being slightly jaded. It's a good film, but Oli does go on about how Shelley Long has an impossible job to pull off as Belinda and Rich seems to revel in saying 'pimp' and 'prostitute' as many times as possible. Only Abi remains in the middle, apparently not yet having faded out due to having watched 'Night Shift' so many times in preparation, but also desperately trying to wedge some words into the discussion.

Oh, Henry Winkler, what a shame it is that you didn't get more leading roles. You did deserve it. Oh, Michael Keaton, you do make so little sense! Oh, Shelley Long, that is one weird black feather jacket you get to wear! Oh Tim Burton, is it possible that Keaton's padding formed partial inspiration for you choosing him as Batman? Oh Commodores, what a shame it is that you hadn't released your version of 'Night Shift' yet. Oh Quarterflash, who are you, and why don't we know any more of your songs?

The Crew were watching region one NTSC DVD versions of the movie, and were paused at black at 00:00 on their video tracks. For more fan commentaries for all kinds of maddening things around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. If Zarban had the special purple fuzzy bowler hat, we surely wouldn't tell.

Recorded: 29 April 2015.


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It's Jamie's turn again, and this time he has brought in 'Manhunter' from 1986 for the Film Bin Crew's attention on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray. It's the 'Silence of the Lambs' precursor that no-one quite remembers, but is it any good? The Crew of Rich, Jamie and Abi seem to think so, as they touch on Michael Mann, 'Heat', the key in underplaying the Hannibal aspect of the film, the joy of directors leaving you to work out a few things yourself, the extremely silly stocking to the head, the innocence of not fetishising the killer, and continuity problems in the cereal aisle. Yes, there are cereal problems in a serial killer film? How did they resist the gag?! Also, can you really watch the Hannibal movies in any order? Answers on a postcard, please.

Recorded: 15 March 2015.


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How ironic for a radio show to be covering a film about voiceover artists, but that's just what's going on. Welcome to Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, where on this occasion Rich has brought in 'In A World' from 2013, for the great enjoyment of Abi and Ant. It's a cool little movie, pioneered and pushed through by Lake Bell, and built around the iconic trailer beginning "In a world...". What did the Film Bin Crew think? Well, there are theories that films about films are better than the others, the anticipation of amusing vocal warmup exercises, the greatness of avoiding clich├ęs, and appreciation of the smaller jokes and touches. Also, for some reason, the existence of sandwich bars is doubted in the extreme. Reality, they know you not!

Recorded: 08 March 2015.


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'Mortal Kombat'! Rich, Ant and Abi let out their inner fighters, and far too many wrestling references, as they chat about this 1995 Paul WS Anderson movie. They contrast wildly with the beloved video game version, and wonder wildly just what kind of tournament it is, really! What are the rules? Why is it called 'Mortal' Kombat, when the contestants are immortal? Is it all in another universe? Are Subzero and Scorpion badly misused and neglected, and what's going on with the bizarre adaptation of Reptile? Of course, they all ended up liking the movie still. Welcome to 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray', where such things can happen!

Recorded: 09 February 2015.


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The Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray choosing wheel has spun around to Ant once again, who on this occasion has brought in 'Fido' from 2006. It's a Canadian comedy domestic 1950s melodrama? Yes, that sounds right. What is this strange world where they had a zombie apocalypse instead of World War II, and now everyone zombifies when they die? And how did it come to pass that controlled zombies are now the slave class? How strange is all of this? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chatter on about the ethics of enslaving the undead, keeping your servant even after he has murdered one of your neighbours, and whether it's not just a little bit icky to keep a zombie as your love slave. Did Abi and Rich take it all too seriously? Perhaps, but it did make for a nice chat. Oh, and that was Billy Connolly. Be astounded.

Recorded: 26 February 2015.


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This time on Film Bin Commentaries, Abi has brought in 'The Wedding Singer' from 1998, and the Crew have become locked into 1980s nostalgia with a vengeance! Hang on, though, as is that a tinge of cynicism and criticism of the era embedded in the film? Just a smidgin? Listen in as Abi, Oli and Rich ponder just what's going on in this classic Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore matchup. Is it the best Adam Sandler film? We're not brave enough to say, but it's certainly in the pack.

'The Wedding Singer': An exercise in extremely skillful restraint, and Fonzie references. Not only is the Wrong Man slowly elevated to his status, but there's careful Buscemi bookending, a very well calibrated use of the Sandler supporting company, and the maximum shock value of Jon Lovitz at his best. Yes, the Lovitz is back! The Crew like this film, and generally just chatter about the narrative, with some analysis of the Sandler's comedic chops and his films in general.

Points of interest: Steve Buscemi, the truth of whether Vegas is the romance capital of the world or not, the Rob Scheider castoff theory, the perils of extended cuts, lots of cynicism about weddings, and some subtle putdowns of Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy. Do the Crew care about public opinion? Nyet! If only weddings and their parties could be as nice as they are in this film...

We were paused at 00:00:00 of our region 2 PAL DVD versions of the theatrical cut of 'The Wedding Singer', poised to begin. For more fan commentaries from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Could Zarban be a Billy Idol fan? Is anyone?

Recorded: 15 April 2015.


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In an unusual episode of Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, Rich and Abi took the unknown bargain basement film 'Shotgun' from 1989 and discovered that it had very good reason to be unknown! What can you expect when your lead character is called 'Ian'? At least there's an armored car conversion, but what else is there, and why is Rich so concerned with trying to 'Brokeback Mountain' the story? No answers here, but listen anyway!

Recorded: 01 March 2015.


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This time on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, the Film Bin Crew make a rare journey to Sam Raimi land for his 1998 film 'A Simple Plan'. Yes, it's a story about a pile of stolen money and what happens to the people who find it and resolve to keep it for themselves, with dire consequences. Join Rich, Jamie and Abi as they talk it through like reasonable adults and ponder the merits of this latest choice of Jamie. It's a rare Bill Paxton-led film, with few likeable characters and several instant transitions to evil. What's with the curiously bodged plan to keep the money, are the smart characters really dumb and vice-versa? Is it typical Raimi fare or exceptional? When was the rule about bumbling sheriffs officially built into American cinema? How would you deal with it all? None of those questions answered, and more!

Note: Only you can imagine what the Nicholas Cage version would have been like...

Recorded: About 02 February 2015.


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Original US Airdate: 17 October 1993.

Well, now we're cooking on gas! It's time for our fan commentary for the fourth regular episode of 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'! This time Abi and Oli are get to talk about John Shea's marvelous monologues to mirrors and the great Lane Smith's joy at being cunning and scoundrelish. There's also the question of whether Lex poured that champagne for his dog, the dynamic photography inside the boxing rings, some curiosity about the origin of 'Sam Hill', a continuation of the 'Murder, She Wrote' stardom criterion, and a rare instance of a man with a golden gun. Also, Lois's dad turns up and is excellent, and we see the introduction of the sports tags

The Crew were synched at 00:00 on their video tracks for the episode, as on their region 2 PAL DVDs. For more fan commentaries from around the virtual world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. We're reasonably sure Zarban doesn't monologue to dogs in mirrors.

Rating: Green Plus.
Recorded: 30 March 2015.



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Once again the Film Bin Crew dare to go where they haven't gone before, in this instance to the land of documentaries and Werner Herzog. Yes, Rich has brought in 'Encounters at the End of the World' from 2008, and Ant is there to discuss it with him. Huzzah! A documentary! They seemed to like the documentary very much, contrasting it favorably against 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams', and especially appreciating the Herzog presence, eschewing as it does the normal invisibility technique of documentary makers. Points of interest include: The bucket drill used for training people to survive in a blizzard, that poor deranged penguin, the eccentricity of the inhabitants of the South Pole in general, the ever so slightly awkward editing style, and that sturgeon.

Recorded: About 25 January 2015. Ish.


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