Their lances were at the ready. They prepared mightily. Then they leaned forward and charged... into making a Film Bin Commentary for 'A Knight's Tale' from 2001. It was Abi's choice this time as the Film Bin Crew dug deep into what is a thoroughly enjoyable movie. Join Abi, Oli and Rich as they watch the movie and propound their thoughts on everything under the sun. Rich appreciates the idea of making a modern take on a jousting movie, Abi celebrates the great cast and music, and Oli generally enjoys but goes on about the lead actress being a bit wrong just a bit too much.

Amongst the twaddle purveyed in this commentary there was talk about the clothes (Prince Edward's awesome coat, Chaucer's general getup, Jocelyn looking wrong), decor (where are the blasted drapes?!), lack of clothes (it's okay, it's only Paul Bettany), the wonderful mini-sub-micro plot of Adhemar's herald, and general confusion on the exact structure of the tournaments. Knockout? Group stages? What's going on?!

Also, Oli went on a bit about how Jocelyn was very extendedly mean in her pressuring William to lose for her love, and everyone wondered why William's horse didn't get a bigger part. He doesn't even get a speaking (neighing?) line which seems unfair! At least Kate the Blacksmith doesn't get coupled up in the most clichéd of manners, but maybe that's because she found a NEW WAY TO SMELT STEEL and is therefore untrustworthy. Maybe she was a secret witch?

We watched this movie on region 2 PAL dvd, paused at black just before the Columbia Lady appears on screen. For more fan commentaries, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. If Zarban has never jousted, the world is a strange place.

Recorded: 05 April 2014.


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Original airdate (Canada): 02 February 1995.

Getting back on the 'Due South' wagon, 'Film Bin Commentaries' presents their fan commentary for regular episode 13 'An Eye For An Eye'. Abi and Oli have a tough job with this one, as it has some excellent moments but doesn't quite pull together. However, Benny is wearing an awesome jumper and things do happen, so we dive straight in! Ahem. Is Benny out of character? Is Ray scared of retired people? Was that Huey in the lineup? What on Earth does it all mean? Dare we introduce a more complicated colour grading scheme?

We were watching region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'Due South: Season 1', and were paused at grey at 00:00, the beginning of the episode. If you would like to find more fan commentaries, go check out Zarban's House Of Commentaries, www.zarban.com, where you will find a directory of such things from all around the Internet. What dedication!

Recorded: 30 March 2014.

Rating: Green.


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'Cat Ballou' fits firmly into the Film Bin selection criteria: A good movie, seemingly not well known or at least not talked about, and one that inspires some genuine love in our little team. That's why Oli chose it! It's time to saddle up and and have an accident in our train baths as the crew of Oli, Rich and Abi chat on about this little gem of a comedy. If you can guess the 'Batman' connection before we get to it, you win a no-prize. Hasn't that got you excited?

It's a fascinating film, an ensemble movie that gets hijacked by Lee Marvin and then converts into a vehicle for his crazy hair and huge huge face. It's also a movie that inspired a card in the card game 'Bang!' and features one of the last appearances of Nat King Cole. Apart from that its cult success seems quite unlikely, as it's unusual in so many ways: Musical narration, dual roles, flashback narrative, the main credit sequence, and more! It even has the Columbia Lady turning into an animated cowgirl.

It's all good fun, especially the long dance sequence and that lingering inclination to punch Clay after everyone else has had their turn. Kid Shelleen must have been subconsciously protecting that valise from his hectic destitute lifestyle. Is this the only time that the 'gun in a book' routine actually gets used in a movie or was that cliché established in the old noir and pulp days? Does the Cat/Clay relationship work at all? We're not sure but they're both definitely confused and at least one of them is plain creepy at times.

We were watching 'Cat Ballou' on region 2 PAL DVDs, and were synched to start at 00:00:00, at black before the Columbia torch lady appears on screen. If you'd like to find more fan commentaries from people betwixt and between the poles of the real and virtual worlds, try www.zarban.com, also known as Zarban's House of Commentaries. Zarban doesn't have a secret converted volcano hideout, or maybe he does... ?

Recorded: 17 March 2014.


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Masks rip as the Film Bin buckles under the weight of 'Mission Impossible II' before recovering to present this Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray on the Tom Cruise vehicle from 2000. This is the one where the franchise transitions from 'Mission Impossible' to 'Tom Cruise vehicle' but there are still good or interesting things to find. Join Rich, the chooser Jamie, and Abi as they go over this action-fest and ask each other pointed questions. Is there a dangling moment in every MI movie? Does Ethan Hunt dangle off things for fun when not for business? Does the phrase 'generic action movie' come to mind? Is that guy's name 'Ethan Hunt'? Who cares!


Recorded: December 2013?


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They did it with the rope in the conservatory! No? Was it Plum with the dagger in the ball room? Crikey! Was it the butler?! Film Bin has entered the land of multiple endings, and now is all at sea as we present our commentary for 'Clue' from 1985. Join Rich, Abi and Oli as they enjoy the fun and frothy endeavour, each with their own favourite member of truly ensemble cast. (Abi: Mike McKean, Oli: Martin Mull, Rich: Tim Curry?)

The number of movies with multiple endings is small. The number of movies based on board games is even smaller. 'Clue' is an utter freak that combines the two and almost evades its probable origins as a mercenary marketing tool by lampshading it from the outset, being very funny and taking in the mercurial Tim Curry. So, if you're willing to brave the dark and deal with tottering French maids and madcap butlers come and join us in the land of 'Clue'. It's just sad that there weren't four more endings, unless they existed on the cutting room floor before vanishing forever. Listen along as we wonder why there is no 'Buckaroo: The Movie' and make an even more long and rambling outro than usual.

We were watching region PAL dvd versions of the movie, paused to start at 00:00:00 before the revelation of the Paramount mountain. If you'd like to find fan commentaries for other movies and television shows please check out the awesome www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries, a massive directory of commentaries from all around the Internet. I like to imagine that Zarban invented harpsichords and chopsticks. Don't know why.

Recorded: 03 March 2014.


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"The title is the reason to watch, and Joe Pesci is the reason to stay." Welcome to the Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, where Rich, Abi and Ant have been watching 'Eight Heads In A Duffel Bag' from 1997. Listen along as Rich blatantly digs a hole for himself and then schills desperately for CEX and David Space. Marvel at the incongruity of crime and comedy. Become alarmed at the Shia LaBeouf / Tom Hanks hybrid. Question whether the bag is big enough. Oh, and please enjoy this podcast and leave a comment, but please not via a frozen cryogenic head.

Note: The skull from 'Curse of Monkey Island' - whose name Abi couldn't remember - was called Murray.

Recorded: 12 January 2014.

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Original Airdate (Canada): 19 January 1995.

Film Bin Commentaries continues to work its way through 'Due South' with Abi and Oli, as they reach 'A Hawk And A Handsaw'. This is a bit of a hard one as they both seem to love the episode but find little of note to say despite this being the episode with the sharpened belt buckle, strait jackets, diabolically evil research pharmacists, David Marciano perfecting the quickly escalating panic, another of the best Fraser monologues ever, Paul Gross's oddly peaked hair, the Blue Room, and two separate ledge rescues. What's there to talk about really?

We were watching region 2 PAL DVD versions of 'A Hawk And A Handsaw', and were synched at 00:00 at the beginning of the episode, which was an inexplicably grey screen. You can find a massive and magnificent listing of fan commentaries from all around the world at www.zarban.com, The House Of Commentaries. Zarban is not a werewolf.

Recorded: 2nd February 2014.
Rating: Green Plus.

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Suddenly our massive hats and sideburns have become appropriate here in the Film Bin Vault. No longer is it arcane and bizarre that we declaim "It's Christmaaaas!" at regular intervals. No, finally it all makes sense, as Slade has entered the Film Bin pantheon thanks to Abi's choice for the latest commentary. Please join Abi, Rich and Oli as they enter the murky world of non-biographical music films which still nonetheless might be slightly accurate.

So, in 'Slade In Flame' there are many many points of interest, and they're not all Dave Hill's hair (We apologise for the Dave Hill abuse ahead of time). From Abi's selection - 'The `Citizen Kane` of Rock Musicals'? Really, Kermode, you are deluding us! - to the music and indictment of the music industry, including the pressures on trying to adjust to new lives without losing contact with the real world.

Amongst all the terrible clothes, ridiculous sideburns and ludicrous wallpaper there's a solid story at the core of this film, and it's well worth viewing. Just be careful to not step into dodgy bingo halls and never NEVER never go to pirate radio stations. Except, yes, go to pirate radio stations. They must have been so awesome.

We were watching region 2 PAL DVD versions of 'Slade In Flame', and were synched to start at 00:00, black just before the film proper fades in. You can find lots of fan commentaries from all around the world at www.zarban.com, The House Of Commentaries. Zarban flies a lot, but never specifies how. He might use a carpet.

Recorded: 17 February 2014.

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Rich brings 'The Magic Roundabout' to the Film Bin Vault as Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray takes on 'Dougal and the Blue Cat' from 1970. Marvel at the level of Britishness absorbed into this film and the reactions from the Film Bin Crew. Join us and listen to Rich, Ant and Jamie as they talk about the sheer madness of the Dougal movie and the inherent trippiness of a film with no meaningful connection to drugs. Well, it is French. There may be total nonsense, be warned, and nightmare fuel. Now it's time for bed.

Recorded: Sometime in December 2013?

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This time on Film Bin Commentaries we resume our erratic television pilot series thanks to Oli's choice and smash through into the 'The Incredible Hulk' pilot which was originally broadcast on 4 November 1977. 'The Incredible Hulk' ran for four years in a highly formulaic fashion but never bettered its pilot, where there is no pattern or formula, just the story. Apparently the key to adapting a comic book is take out as much of the comic bookiness as possible.

Join Oli, Abi and Rich as they think about the Hulk, and how it ever could have been done different in the 1970s, the magnificence of Susan Sullivan, and the immense silliness of Lou Ferrigno's Hulk wig. It could have been done differently but could it have been done better? And how do we end caring so much about co-star Sullivan that her demise is so affecting? Ultimately the concept behind this adaptation of the Hulk is the enduring screen version that influences all that follows.

Where is the sole remaining shot of Richard Kiel as the Hulk? Why was Banner's name changed to Bruce for the television show? What is the secret behind Jack McGee's hair? Isn't gamma radiation actually bad for you? Is self-experimentation the key to all terrible disasters in comic books? All these questions and more may be ignored as we instead randomly smash through cardboard walls and escape from the Film Bin Vault in furious freedom!

We were watching region 2 PAL dvd versions of the show, and were paused at black at 00:00:00 just before 'Bill Bixby in' appears on screen. If you like fan commentaries you can find many more from hosts of people all around the globe and maybe even beyond at www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. We're filling the niches there no one else will.

Recorded: 03 February 2014.

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