This time the chosen movie for 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray', is 'Orphans' from 1998. It's by Peter Mullen, set in Glasgow, and is a British movie so expect some bleakness even in this comedy. Well, Rich chose it and says it's a comedy so it must be! Join Rich and Abi and they chatter on about this subtle dark comedy, and its narrative encompassing the events surrounding the death of an elderly mother and the activities of her four orphaned adult children on the night before her funeral. Along the way, they also explain the Welsh word 'twp' and wonder just what was going on in that pub!

PS Oh, and no you can't borrow Rich's DVD!

Recorded: 07 August 2014.


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Have you ever wondered what the British equivalent of a 'road movie' might be? Of course it would be tiny, subtle and involve tractors and a monastary! Unfortunately that didn't work for 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray' as they bring in the 1986 movie 'Clockwise' at Ant's behest. Join Rich and Ant as they talk through the movie's story, and their own disappointments with the small scale of all things within. Is it too subtle? Too humdrum? Only there for middle class and middled aged Britain to connect with? Maybe you, the listener, should let us know!

Recorded: 20 July 2014.


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Original UK airdate: 25 December 1982.

We're back to doing pilot episodes here at Film Bin Commentaries, as Rich brings in the phenomenal first instalment of the British situation comedy 'Allo, Allo'. It's a stone cold classic pilot, for a series that ran forever. How did they make a sitcom about a collaborating philandering cowardly French cafe owner in World War II, co-opted into the Resistance to help downed British airmen escape while helping the corrupt German officers to keep the loot, manage to be good? Rich, Abi and Oli don't quite know but they do at least think about it.

It's a ridiculously good pilot. Never will you ask for matches in quite the same way, or marvel at the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies without giggling, or even be able to look at a cuckoo clock without chortling. Rich loves it, Abi loves it, and of course Oli does too, but with some reservations about how the series went on into the future. He loves Maria though so he'll watch anyway.

Loose ends: It's important to remember that not all German soldiers were Nazis, so lets just all hate Herr Flick and love the others. Nazis can never be ridiculed enough!

We were paused at black at 00:00 on the region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'Allo Allo' season one, just before the cafe front fades in to view with the seated German soldiers. For more fan commentaries for television and movies, and whatever else you might devise, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Clop! Maybe Zarban has the painting of the Fallen Madonna? Someone surely does!

Recorded: 04 October 2014.


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Original US airdate: 4 March 1982.

Welcome to our series of 'Police Squad' commentaries! We begin, rather predictably, with episode one of six, where Rich, Oli and Abi try to not to laugh too much as we chatter through what is an extremely fast show. It's a fascinating mix of visual, verbal, logic and even hunchback jokes and will never be replicated! The world of orthodontically motivated murder would never be the same again.

Oh, yes, Alan North played Ed, and he was in 'Highlander' but Abi refused to rise to the bait!

We were to paused to start at 00:00 of our region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'Police Squad', at black before the red police light fades in. For more fan commentaries from around the world check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Zarban was last seen doing a fake freeze frame in the middle 90s. Who knows what happened to him?

Recorded: 04 October 2014.



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'Harlem Nights' is a 1989 movie dominated by Eddie Murphy, and it's Jamie's choice for this latest Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray! Join Rich, Jamie, Abi and Ant as they talk their way through this film, which probably undeservedly won its Razzie Awards. Yes, Richard Pryor and Arsenio Hall also appear in the movie (go 'Martial Law'!), and there's a 'Due South' connection via David Marciano, but it doesn't quite gel together. Maybe Eddie Murphy was a better director of people than plots...

Recorded: About 13 July 2014.

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This time on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, horror or comedy takes the front stage as Abi brings in 'The Hand' from 1981, that Oliver Stone miracle of unintentional (?) horror satire. Listen in as Rich, Abi and Jamie jabber on about Michael Caine, Bruce McGill season and his poncho, and substandard effects. What is there to say about about a disembodied hand creeping about in a dubiously scary horror movie? You'll have to listen and find out!

Recorded: 13 July 2014.


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It's a grim, gray dystopian world out there. One with lots of pink knee socks. Be warned.

This time on Film Bin, we have a fan commentary for the 2005 film 'V For Vendetta', which features Hugo Weaving in a mask, Natalie Portman, and practically the whole of the British screen acting cohort! They're all in it somewhere, somehow, somewhen. Join the chooser Abi, and Oli and Rich as they deliberate over what they like, don't like, and the consequences of wearing an extremely smug looking mask for an entire film.

There are odd reactions to this film, where Abi is too sickly to talk a lot about what she likes, Oli is put off by the copious swearing, and Rich likes it a lot while heckling it relentlessly. It's a curious case of a film with an interesting message being buried under an endlessly bleak atmosphere and panto villains, while the anti-hero tries to restore balance via alliteration galore. It's strange how John Hurt chooses his roles in awkward movies.

All that, and we referenced Batman endlessly! Film Bin, as sponsored by Batman*!

We were synched to start at 00:00 at the start of the region 2 PAL dvd's video track, before all the logos. If you'd like to find more fan commentaries for tv shows and movies, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. He's not a vigilante for anything but commentary preservation. Or is he?!

Recorded: 24 September 2014.


* Not really.

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The place: The Film Bin Vault. The time: Before now. The reason: 'The Delta Force'.


Welcome back to Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, the spiritual home of Chuck Norris. Listen in, if you dare, as Rich, Ant and Abi take on 'The Delta Force' from 1986, the movie spectacle that also encompasses the last film role of Lee Marvin. It's a curious camel of a movie, essentially being a tense plane hijacking forced to merge with a dumb Norris action movie, with a professional Lee Marvin epilogue tacked on to the end. No wonder the Film Bin Crew were a bit confused! Rich is lured away by the mirage that would be a good Chuck Norris joke, Ant points out that you won't see people being beaten with the arm of a chair anywhere else, and Abi points out the Nazi-analogue of the hijackers. Or something like that. And Robert Vaughn has a cameo? Oh, strange world that we live in, that has Chuck Norris!

Recorded: 15 June 2014.


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Anthony brings in 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' from 1971, as a fresh infusion of Disney energy to the Film Bin Commentary collection. Join him, Oli, Abi and Rich as they examine this semi-sequel to 'Mary Poppins' and marvel at some of the old Disney magic. Oh, David Tomlinson, you were surely an underrated performer.

True to form, Rich and Ant adore the movie, Oli is somewhat distracted by its illustrious forebear and Abi struggles to break in. They all marved at the animated armours, the incredibly scruffy cat, and wonder at how exactly little Paul's book is reflecting their own specific activities as well as the nature of Naboombu Island.

There are some very strange things to talk about in 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks': Is it a good idea to spend thirty minutes of a movie on a strand that turns out to be irrelevant? Is the end cheering or depressing as Browne heads off to war? What happens to the Star of Asteroth? And most importantly, what is Bruce Forsythe doing in the film?!

We were synched to start at 00:00 on the video track of our region 2 PAL DVD copies of 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks', which is at black before the Buene Vista blue title card. For more fan commentaries, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. Who is Zarban? No-one's ever escaped from the citadel with that information...

Recorded: 15 September 2014.

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Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray tries not to invoke any devilry by having a long chat about 1998's 'The Ninth Gate'. It's Jamie's choice again, and so it has to be horror, but perhaps not the creepiest or most shocking this time, for he has summoned Polanski into the Film Bin Vault. That's more than enough to scare the crew into submission! There's talk of Johnny Depp's strange beard, premonitions of crushing disappointment, general appreciation of the low-key tale and denigration of the lack of motivation, and wondering at the magnetic appeal of Frank Langella's giant spectacles. Come and listen in, if you dare, as Rich, Jamie, And and Abi talk about everything they possibly can, even the idiotic 'spot the difference' puzzle, and never mention Lena Olin at all. Mwahahahahahahhahahhh, oh the evil of ambiguity!

Recorded: 08 June 2014.


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