The Film Bin Crew have returned to the films of Joe Dante for his 1985 effort 'Explorers', which has more backstory to it than a dozen other movies! It's Abi's choice so listen in as she and Oli talk over a film that was part of their VHS childhoods, just as it was so for so many other people!

It's a curious film, one that was hit by a serious change in its production schedule, and one with a calamitously confusing and partly improvised spaceship sequence near the end that almost ruins it all. However, it is one of the rare optimistic science fiction films, which must not be forgotten! Also, it has Robert Picardo in multiple roles, which is never a bad thing. Never.

Points of interest: How little reference the film makes to 'Star Trek', the aforementioned schedule squeeze, the impressive hit rates of its child actors making it through to adult success, the evil Trisha, "the dreaded twenty minutes of Wak", the perils of optimistic tempting of fate in films, Jerry Goldsmith, and the problems with Dick Miller's character Charlie. Also, Oli keeps calling messing up Ben's name and calling him Darren, oddly, and makes a mistake about 'Cheers'. Ben's brother in 'Explorers' was the first person to speak in 'Cheers', not the second.

The Crew were watching region 1 NTSC DVD versions of 'Explorers', paused to begin at black at 00:00:00 on the video track. For more fan commentaries for film and television from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. We ran out of funny things to say about Zarban weeks ago, but if he's really a space alien with hands on his antennae, we wouldn't be surprised!

Recorded: 14 June 2015.


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Don't let the file name fool you, this isn't the hundredth released episode! We lost a few on the way, which you'll never know about. Nyahahahahah. You'll definitely know when number one hundred lands, as it involves Munchausen...

Welcome to Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, where on this occasion Jamie has brought in 'The Last Samurai' from 2003. Listen in as Rich, Jamie, Ant and Abi think about Tom Cruise and this epically long film. Yes, it is strange that they got Billy Connolly to play an Irish person, and that anyone likes Tom Cruise, or is it? Overall the Crew seemed to like the film, and noted Ken Watanabe's first English language performance, but would have liked the less ambiguous ending, and for it to be slightly less Hollywoody and dragged out in the middle. Oh, it's not totally unreasonable for a nobleman samurai to have learnt English, but it is unusual for a film to show to the US in a less than favourable light. Did the gun win out in the end anyway?

Recorded: 03 May 2015.


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Will a long hated disaster be reprieved or will Abi's choice of 1999's 'Wing Commander' prove to be the ultimate nail in its coffin. Yes, it's time for Rich, Abi and Ant to have a not too hate-filled chat about the movie, for Rich to try and talk about 'Star Trek' similarities despite not knowing anything about the show, for everyone to speculate about the games without having played them, and for some discussion on why the story really doesn't make much sense at all. Overall, it's not quite as bad a movie as its reputation, but the word 'generic' does pop up frequently and the Crew do seem to want to execute the Lillard character ruthlessly. That's normal, isn't it? Oh, and the Jivelander from the film 'Highlander' does appear in this movie. Go, Quarshie, go!

Recorded: 19 April 2015.


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This time on Film Bin Commentaries we talk over the animated feature 'The Road To El Dorado' from 2002. Listen in as the Rich (the chooser) is joined by Abi and Oli (the others) to talk about this underrated Dreamworks picture, the only one to not make a profit on initial release. Is it that bad? Of course not! Is it the best animated movie ever? Of course not! It's somewhere in the middle.

What happens when you put Kevin Cline and Kenneth Branagh together as voice leads? You get a fun movie, of course! It's a fun film, full of colour, with some catchy music (mutter mutter Elton John), and one that's appreciated by the Film Bin Crew.

Points of interest: Rich really loves this film, Oli doesn't like Elton John, the at best tangential connection of Prince Philip of Great Britain, the Rudyard Kipling factor, the very dubious design of Chel for a kids movie, and lots of chatter about what happened to the native Americans in history. Also, who is the Winnie the Pooh connection this time? You'll have to either listen or look it up to find out!

We were paused at 00:00 on the video tracks of our region 2 PAL DVDs. For more fan commentaries for television and movies from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Those myths of cities of gold had to come from somewhere...

Note: There is some slight sound distortion in places.

Recorded: 14 May 2015.


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Get your massive wigs ready, as it's time once again for 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray', on this occasion chatting about Rich's choice of 'Plunkett & Maclean' from 1999. Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chat about this British bit of hokum, with a then soon to be famous starry cast. Is it a modernised historical drama? Is it an excuse to make everyone a bit dirty? Well, listen in and maybe you'll find out. It is rare to find a sympathetic Robert Carlyle character, the prototypes for the Armstrong and Miller airmen, and common people aplenty in a period romp. On the other hand they do have the old pocket bullet stopper trick, and a slightly problematic female character so the regular boxes are ticked.

Recorded: 14 April 2015.


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This time on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray it is definitely time to break out your musical shoes and indulge in the British all-star ensemble movie '24 Hour Party People' from 2002. Yes, Abi has brought in the film about about the Manchester time bubble of music surrounding the producer and presenter Tony Wilson, and they all liked it. Listen in as Rich, Abi and Ant chat about the film, the fourth wall funnies, the massive ensemble cast, the abundance of cameos, and the willingness of the film to admit that some of it may just be lies. Yes, it may star the polarising Steve Coogan as Wilson, but he is good, and it is crammed with music from the Manchester era. Does that make you curious? Well, then, you had better listen in to find out more!

Recorded: 22 March 2015.


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It's that time again, as Film Bin Commentaries presents a fan commentary for Ron Howard's 'Night Shift' of 1982. Yes, the stealthy ninja of film making has struck again, and left almost no trace of his existence apart from two cameos in one film and having comrade Henry Winkler as the lead. Two cameos? Now, that's just greedy. Join Oli, Abi and Rich as they talk over what is a very funny and messed up comedy, and wonder just what is going on in Bill Blaze's head, if anything at all.

It should be noted that as a second attempt at this commentary (finally we're caught up and there will be no more repeats) it comes off as being slightly jaded. It's a good film, but Oli does go on about how Shelley Long has an impossible job to pull off as Belinda and Rich seems to revel in saying 'pimp' and 'prostitute' as many times as possible. Only Abi remains in the middle, apparently not yet having faded out due to having watched 'Night Shift' so many times in preparation, but also desperately trying to wedge some words into the discussion.

Oh, Henry Winkler, what a shame it is that you didn't get more leading roles. You did deserve it. Oh, Michael Keaton, you do make so little sense! Oh, Shelley Long, that is one weird black feather jacket you get to wear! Oh Tim Burton, is it possible that Keaton's padding formed partial inspiration for you choosing him as Batman? Oh Commodores, what a shame it is that you hadn't released your version of 'Night Shift' yet. Oh Quarterflash, who are you, and why don't we know any more of your songs?

The Crew were watching region one NTSC DVD versions of the movie, and were paused at black at 00:00 on their video tracks. For more fan commentaries for all kinds of maddening things around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. If Zarban had the special purple fuzzy bowler hat, we surely wouldn't tell.

Recorded: 29 April 2015.


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It's Jamie's turn again, and this time he has brought in 'Manhunter' from 1986 for the Film Bin Crew's attention on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray. It's the 'Silence of the Lambs' precursor that no-one quite remembers, but is it any good? The Crew of Rich, Jamie and Abi seem to think so, as they touch on Michael Mann, 'Heat', the key in underplaying the Hannibal aspect of the film, the joy of directors leaving you to work out a few things yourself, the extremely silly stocking to the head, the innocence of not fetishising the killer, and continuity problems in the cereal aisle. Yes, there are cereal problems in a serial killer film? How did they resist the gag?! Also, can you really watch the Hannibal movies in any order? Answers on a postcard, please.

Recorded: 15 March 2015.


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How ironic for a radio show to be covering a film about voiceover artists, but that's just what's going on. Welcome to Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, where on this occasion Rich has brought in 'In A World' from 2013, for the great enjoyment of Abi and Ant. It's a cool little movie, pioneered and pushed through by Lake Bell, and built around the iconic trailer beginning "In a world...". What did the Film Bin Crew think? Well, there are theories that films about films are better than the others, the anticipation of amusing vocal warmup exercises, the greatness of avoiding clich├ęs, and appreciation of the smaller jokes and touches. Also, for some reason, the existence of sandwich bars is doubted in the extreme. Reality, they know you not!

Recorded: 08 March 2015.


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'Mortal Kombat'! Rich, Ant and Abi let out their inner fighters, and far too many wrestling references, as they chat about this 1995 Paul WS Anderson movie. They contrast wildly with the beloved video game version, and wonder wildly just what kind of tournament it is, really! What are the rules? Why is it called 'Mortal' Kombat, when the contestants are immortal? Is it all in another universe? Are Subzero and Scorpion badly misused and neglected, and what's going on with the bizarre adaptation of Reptile? Of course, they all ended up liking the movie still. Welcome to 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray', where such things can happen!

Recorded: 09 February 2015.


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