The Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray choosing wheel has spun around to Ant once again, who on this occasion has brought in 'Fido' from 2006. It's a Canadian comedy domestic 1950s melodrama? Yes, that sounds right. What is this strange world where they had a zombie apocalypse instead of World War II, and now everyone zombifies when they die? And how did it come to pass that controlled zombies are now the slave class? How strange is all of this? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chatter on about the ethics of enslaving the undead, keeping your servant even after he has murdered one of your neighbours, and whether it's not just a little bit icky to keep a zombie as your love slave. Did Abi and Rich take it all too seriously? Perhaps, but it did make for a nice chat. Oh, and that was Billy Connolly. Be astounded.

Recorded: 26 February 2015.


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This time on Film Bin Commentaries, Abi has brought in 'The Wedding Singer' from 1998, and the Crew have become locked into 1980s nostalgia with a vengeance! Hang on, though, as is that a tinge of cynicism and criticism of the era embedded in the film? Just a smidgin? Listen in as Abi, Oli and Rich ponder just what's going on in this classic Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore matchup. Is it the best Adam Sandler film? We're not brave enough to say, but it's certainly in the pack.

'The Wedding Singer': An exercise in extremely skillful restraint, and Fonzie references. Not only is the Wrong Man slowly elevated to his status, but there's careful Buscemi bookending, a very well calibrated use of the Sandler supporting company, and the maximum shock value of Jon Lovitz at his best. Yes, the Lovitz is back! The Crew like this film, and generally just chatter about the narrative, with some analysis of the Sandler's comedic chops and his films in general.

Points of interest: Steve Buscemi, the truth of whether Vegas is the romance capital of the world or not, the Rob Scheider castoff theory, the perils of extended cuts, lots of cynicism about weddings, and some subtle putdowns of Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy. Do the Crew care about public opinion? Nyet! If only weddings and their parties could be as nice as they are in this film...

We were paused at 00:00:00 of our region 2 PAL DVD versions of the theatrical cut of 'The Wedding Singer', poised to begin. For more fan commentaries from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Could Zarban be a Billy Idol fan? Is anyone?

Recorded: 15 April 2015.


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In an unusual episode of Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, Rich and Abi took the unknown bargain basement film 'Shotgun' from 1989 and discovered that it had very good reason to be unknown! What can you expect when your lead character is called 'Ian'? At least there's an armored car conversion, but what else is there, and why is Rich so concerned with trying to 'Brokeback Mountain' the story? No answers here, but listen anyway!

Recorded: 01 March 2015.


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This time on Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray, the Film Bin Crew make a rare journey to Sam Raimi land for his 1998 film 'A Simple Plan'. Yes, it's a story about a pile of stolen money and what happens to the people who find it and resolve to keep it for themselves, with dire consequences. Join Rich, Jamie and Abi as they talk it through like reasonable adults and ponder the merits of this latest choice of Jamie. It's a rare Bill Paxton-led film, with few likeable characters and several instant transitions to evil. What's with the curiously bodged plan to keep the money, are the smart characters really dumb and vice-versa? Is it typical Raimi fare or exceptional? When was the rule about bumbling sheriffs officially built into American cinema? How would you deal with it all? None of those questions answered, and more!

Note: Only you can imagine what the Nicholas Cage version would have been like...

Recorded: About 02 February 2015.


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Original US Airdate: 17 October 1993.

Well, now we're cooking on gas! It's time for our fan commentary for the fourth regular episode of 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'! This time Abi and Oli are get to talk about John Shea's marvelous monologues to mirrors and the great Lane Smith's joy at being cunning and scoundrelish. There's also the question of whether Lex poured that champagne for his dog, the dynamic photography inside the boxing rings, some curiosity about the origin of 'Sam Hill', a continuation of the 'Murder, She Wrote' stardom criterion, and a rare instance of a man with a golden gun. Also, Lois's dad turns up and is excellent, and we see the introduction of the sports tags

The Crew were synched at 00:00 on their video tracks for the episode, as on their region 2 PAL DVDs. For more fan commentaries from around the virtual world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. We're reasonably sure Zarban doesn't monologue to dogs in mirrors.

Rating: Green Plus.
Recorded: 30 March 2015.



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Once again the Film Bin Crew dare to go where they haven't gone before, in this instance to the land of documentaries and Werner Herzog. Yes, Rich has brought in 'Encounters at the End of the World' from 2008, and Ant is there to discuss it with him. Huzzah! A documentary! They seemed to like the documentary very much, contrasting it favorably against 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams', and especially appreciating the Herzog presence, eschewing as it does the normal invisibility technique of documentary makers. Points of interest include: The bucket drill used for training people to survive in a blizzard, that poor deranged penguin, the eccentricity of the inhabitants of the South Pole in general, the ever so slightly awkward editing style, and that sturgeon.

Recorded: About 25 January 2015. Ish.


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Once again it's time to bang on the Film Bin Vault doors and demand to be let out, but not before the Crew have done their fan commentary for the excellent 1956 film 'Forbidden Planet'. It's Abi's choice this time, so listen in as she, Rich and Oli talk about the fascinating film that provided inspiration for Star Trek, Douglas Adams, Star Wars and a host of other science fiction properties.

Amongst all the other blathering, there's a theory that Robbie may be a prototype for Marvin the Paranoid Android, Oli makes too many bird name jokes and generally goes on a bit too much about wanting Leslie Nielsen to unleash the Drebin, lots of speculation about the housing arrangements on the saucer Bellerephon, and much pedantry. In general the Film Bin Crew really like 'Forbidden Planet', especially for the groundbreaking special effects and really cool doors. Yes, it's an all-star cast, and the stealth Canadians are in full force, but the real fun is speculating what the Krell might have really looked like! Also, why all the fish imagery? Abi struggles to get a word in edgewise and Rich wonders how many Creatures from the Id there really are.

Is it that similar to 'The Tempest'? The Crew used to know, but the curses and delays on this commentary mean they forgot months ago! Instead they're more concerned with MGM pink wafers and whether the cook's misbehaviour - a rare example of good studio meddling? - led to his ordeal in the first episode of 'The Twilight Zone'. Where's the justice, really?

We were watching region 1 NTSC dvd versions of 'Forbidden Planet', synched to start at 00:00 ib the video track. For more fan commentaries from around the world, visit www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Oh, the stories Zarban could tell, if he weren't a Creature from the Id!

Recorded: 15 March 2015.


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It's time to go into Spoiler Filled detail for a movie again, and this time it's 'The Rookie', a curious Clint Eastwood / Charlie Sheen film from 1990. Once Ant finishes apologising to Rich and Jamie, the truth comes out: It's terrible! Was it really a movie that Eastwood was talking into making to get funding for some other hits, and was he really on autopilot as much the Crew suspects? Was it really necessary to kill another dog? Was Raul Julia trying to be that bad and super-villainy? Could any more Dirty Harry tropes be fitted in in a parodic manner? We don't know. At least the score, apart from the theme, was interesting, and seatbelt jokes were still in force in 1990. If you can handly all of that, and one of the weirder opening scenes in movies, then listen in!

Warning; The word 'like' is uttered extremely numerously in this episode. Grrr.

Recorded: 18 January 2015.


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'The African Queen' has steamed in as Rich's choice for the latest Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray'! Huzzah! Join us, as Rich, Abi and Jamie talk about this 1951 classic that starred Bogart, Hepburn and a ramshackle boat on an African river. Amongst the positivity and adoring talk, various things get talked about, including Jamie's past aversion to old movies, the behind the scenes illnesses, the movie's possible status as a reverse 'Apocalypse Now', and Bogart's hippo impressions. Yes, of course he does hippo impressions! Have you never seen 'Casablanca'? Overall, a great chat for the Film Bin Crew as they wax nostalgic about fast movie endings, the casting of real looking people and mysterious cat flingings.

Recorded: 07 December 2014.


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Original US Airdates: 12th and 13th January 1966.
Batusi! This fan commentary for the opening 'Batman' two-parter of 'Hi Diddle Riddle' and 'Smack In The Middle' almost got derailed completely by Batusi addiction, but we made it through and here it is. Listen in as Oli, Rich and Abi make their commentary on one of the most influentially daft series to ever make it to the screen. It's a hard job, but we're dedicated and officially deputised commentary makers, so let's crack on, old chums!


There's lots to say about 'Batman'. For one thing, it almost never made it to home media at all! Also, does it have the best Batmobile? (Yes!) Does it have the best ever versions of the Riddler and Catwoman? (Yes!) Has anyone ever used Dutch camera angles so frequently and obsessively again? (No!) In the commentary, we mostly meander on about Frank Gorshin's Riddler, give several wrong explanations of the word 'peal', ponder on what happens to all the Bat-chutes that assist the emergency Bat-turn, and pick out our own business ideas for exploiting the colourful criminal antics of Gotham City. Also, Olly and Abi allude to the offstage antics of Adam West and Burt Ward, based absolutely no research, and Oli talks about how atypical this episode is whenever he can.


We were paused at black at 00:00 for each of the episodes, and were watching the brand spanking new region 1 NTSC DVD versions of the episodes. For more fan commentaries from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. Any resemblance between Zarban's origin and that of King Tut is purely coincidental. Please don't sue.

Recorded: 04 March 2015.


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