We know no fear here at Film Bin, and even come out from behind the sofas to record podcasts for movies such as 'Troll Hunter', as suggested by Rich. Please listen in as the aforementioned Rich, Oli and Abi wonder at what is the first (and perhaps will be the only?) found footage movie we'll comment over.

'Troll Hunter' is unique, from it's rather unlikeable protagonists through to the dark Norwegian fantasy to finally the guerilla film-making with standup comedians and unknowns. The Film Bin Crew all like the film, but questions do persist. Just what is 'Troll stench' anyway? Why are 'found footage' movies always presented as real or as horror? Is it actually a comedy (see bear track making sequence and "Troll!")? Do Trolls sense Muslims as well or is it just Christian blood they can detect or hate? Is the rabies subplot necessary of not? And is that a real beard?

This commentary contains a fair amount of gibberish, a bit of analysis, Oli calling Johanna's expressions 'Muppet faces' repeatedly, general chatter, and a small interruption where Rich drops out of the recording stream. No Trolls were harmed in the making of this commentary, although Abi's long silences indicate something mysterious going on...

We were watching region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'Troll Hunter', paused to start at 00:00:17 which is at black after the logos but before the introductory text. For more fan commentaries for film and television from around the world, please check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. Zarban gives us kickbacks in Troll-stench, but where on Earth is he sourcing it?!

Recorded: 19 July 2014.

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The full Spoiler Filled crew or Rich, Abi, And and Jamie discuss the Cardiff-based film about drug culture and people with funny names from 1999. It's a very Welsh discussion, with some mature content. Did this movie prompt reality, or did reality prompt this movie? Did people really wear those bobble hats? And it this film actually Welsh to begin with? The crew finally settle on this being a film about reality, and days in the life, but not a lot actually happens. If that sounds interesting, you hardened and wary listeners, then listen in!

Recorded: 26 January 2014.

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As the current dynastic period ends here at Film Bin (we're moving from the pizza to the pie dynasty) we thought we'd go back out into the world of movies outside the English language, and Abi fittingly brought us 'Red Cliff', the abridged version from 2009. It went surprisingly well, so please listen in as Abi, Oli and Rich discourse mightily about 'Red Cliff', John Woo, and mangle the Chinese names as much as is humanly possible.

The crew have a pretty good time. Oli tries to talk about history and ignore the more relentless action sequences, Rich revels in the John Woo theatrics and Abi becomes slowly more obsessed with the Woo trademark doves. Such trivia is what drives these things onward! Oh, and Chinese zithers are definitely an acquired taste, especially in duets...

In this commentary there's a fair bit of character analysis, some questions about the story, much wonder at Cao Cao's hair injury scream, some general confusion about the editing during the tortoise formation sequence, and a wonder that the antagonist Cao Cao manages to resist becoming a proper 'black hat' villain type throughout the whole movie. Also, after much searching of his mind Oli identifies his lingering 'reinforcements to the rescue' moment as involving Cliff Clavin from 'Cheers'. Weird.

This time the crew were watching region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'Red Cliff' and were paused at black at 00:00:00 on the main video track before the text that ends with 'John Woo presents' fades onto screen. For more fan commentaries you might want to check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries, a directory of commentaries from the world over. Zarban might be descended from the Han Dynasty. Please don't tell anyone.

Recorded: 05 July 2014.


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Original airdate (Canada): 09 February 1995.

We continue our fan commentary epic journey through season one of 'Due South' with the 14th regular episode! On this occasion, please listen in Abi and Oli chatter on about the show and explain that it's been such a long time since they did the last one that they've lost track! Also, Dean McDermott makes his debut but not as Constable Turnbull, Benny cracks a joke (!?), lots of car action we don't see any more, and the wonders of having metric gags and time zone theory in a police show! Also, we mourn the loss of Ray's beloved car, and wonder how it morphed into something else completely before exploding. Odd, that!

We were watching region 2 PAL DVD versions of 'Due South: The Man Who Knew Too Little' and were paused at black at 00:00:00 on the video track for this episode, just before the police station fades in. For more fan commentaries from around the world check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries! Zarban is not wanted dead or alive on three separate continents.

Rating: Green.
Recorded: 23 June 2014.


Note: Due to some technical difficulties the volume might be a bit erratic. This has to the best of our ability been smoothed out, but there may be some quieter patches during playback.

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Original airdate (US): 26 September 1993.

We're opening a second television strand (or third if you count the intermittent pilot episode commentaries) here at Film Bin Commentaries by starting the first season of 'Lois And Clark', and only that first (good) season. Oli explains more in depth during one of his monologues in this very commentary. So, please join Oli and Abi as they tackle this first regular episode of the tv show. (We did the pilot episode already!)

In 'Strange Visitor', we see all the things which mark out the first season as different: A timelessness to the production design, Cat Grant, detective work, Michael Landes, and witty clever writing. The ensemble feel is there in spades. In fact, if the premiere hadn't opened against 'Seaquest' this show might have done very well indeed! Where is Lex Luthor though? So, kick back your heels and join us in our 'Lois and Clark' commentary series. This show didn't deserve the weird reputation it got later, or at least this season didn't.

We were paused at black at 00:00:00, on our region 2 PAL dvd boxsets, primed to see a bit of desk fade in. For more fan commentaries from around the world you might want to check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. We get a box of flame-retardant kangaroos for every plug.

Rating: Green!
Recorded: 22 June 2014.


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This time on 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray', Ant brings the 1992 film 'Accidental Hero' (or 'Hero' outside the UK and Ireland) to the Film Bin Vault for a spirited and spoiler filled chat. It's a mixed conversation for Rich, Ant, Jamie and Abi, with some chatter on the tonal clashes of the piece, the usual notes on Geena Davis's extra loud crying, and the apparent wasteage of Chevy Chase as some straight-laced newspaper guy. All this and more (or even all this and less!), will be yours for the listening! Note: The numerous mentions of 'My Beautiful Laundrette' are not in any way a recommendation for said film and Film Bin will not be held responsible for any irresponsible viewing of same.

Recorded: 13 April 2014.


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A birthday strikes again and on this occasion Oli has chosen 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory', seemingly only to character assassinate the surely blemishless character of Grandpa Joe, that paragon of human virtue that has never done anything wrong! Join the Film Bin Crew as Oli, Abi and Rich waffle on through a classic of family entertainment adapted from the classic kids novel by Roald Dahl. It's worth noting that at the time the book had only been out for seven years when this movie came out, which is quite the remarkable pace for a fantasy movie!

Topics touched on in the commentary include whether the other children do make it out the other end of the film okay, the existence of a real functional factory elsewhere on site, the reasons for having a chocolate room to begin with, and the sheer glumness of Charlie Bucket's life at the beginning of the movie. Is it possible that people can survive in that bleakness? Oh, and does Charlie have a moral compass of his own or is it all sponge behaviour? In general the crew had a far more parodic time than usual, which was unexpected for such a favourite, but they all love it really! (Even if Wonka is looking for a stooge to keep the factory running HIS way!)

As you might deduce, there's not much background this time as fun, story conjecture and conspiracy theories dominate. They barely mention the Tim Burton version at all!

They were paused and synched at 00:00:00 on the main video tracks of their PAL region 2 dvds, placing them at black before the Warner Bros shield and Bugs Bunny. For more fan commentaries for films and television from all around the known world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban's House of Commentaries. Zarban does not torture and eliminate annoying children in an overly elaborate chocolate factory, as far as we know. We'll stick to that story as long as we keep getting the 'brown stuff'.

Recorded: 16 June 2014.


Note: We very negligently forgot to mention Anthony Newley and avail ourselves of the opportunity to sing anything from 'Doctor Dolittle'! Where's the justice, planet Earth, where?!

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Rejoice, oh grand Film Bin followers, for Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray has once again returned! This time it is Rich's turn and he has brought 2007's 'Lars And The Real Girl' to the vault for the rest of the crew to enjoy. But they did they all enjoy it? You'll have to listen to Rich confess his man-love for Ryan Gosling, Ant his initial unfounded worries about it being a one-gag comedy, and Abi her theories about Ryan Gosling actively fighting his pretty boy status. It would be so easy to have made this movie as a gross out comedy (yes, Rob Scneider, we're looking at you), but instead it's something entirely different. But is it good?

Recorded: 06 April 2014.


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Rich loves this movie, and that's more than enough reason to make a fan commentary! Listen in as Rich and Abi chat and gush and provide all the love that this lopsided cult third episode in the 'No Retreat No Surrender' series could ever possibly want. It must be good as it inspired 'Combat Strike 9: Heart of the Badger'! What, you've never heard of it? Wait for the three hour epic version coming soon!

So, buckle up and get in the mood, as it's going to be a strange ride. Rich gushes and Abi remains more realistic, but who can argue with enthusiasm? Sure there's a small chance t might really be terrible (vanishingly small, tiny, infinitesimal) but don't tell Rich. If the hints from Abi don't get through then nothing we can do will! It's as loveable as a one-eyed, three-legged dog, much like the star Loren Avedon, and a host of ridiculous action sequences. Also, this movie features Joseph Campanella classing up the screen at every appearance. Go, Campanella, go! Oh, you've been killed. Never mind. Recurring theme in the series: Really unappetising food.

IF you don't listen you'll never know if we're telling the truth. Welcome to the mystery.

We were watching region 2 PAL dvd versions of 'No Retreat No Surrender 3' and were synched to start at the beginning of the film at 00:00:00. For more fan commentaries from all over the known cosmos, check out the directory at www.zarban.com, Zarban's House Of Commentaries. He's the Loren Avedon of podcast collecting.

Recorded: 28 May 2014.


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Jamie continues his run of choosing movies that everyone else hates by bringing 'Mad Max 3' to the screen at 'Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray'! This is definitely the logical movie for George Miller to make after 'Mad Max 2' and 'Babe: Pig In The City', yes of course it is. Please get out your loincloths and emerge from your dystopian hovels to listen as Rich, Jamie and Abi wonder who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and how Tina Turner ended up in the business at all. And where did the bowler hat come from? All these things and the absence of a clear antagonist come under the spotlight as the usual spoiler filled movie chat ensues!

Recorded: 23 March 2014.


Notes: Abi likes that there is a dog called 'Dog' but let us not forget that 'Columbo' already did that first, although he probably didn't have a monkey called 'Monkey'! Also, Noel Edmunds is a British television personality, presently hosting 'Deal Or No Deal' as he has seemingly done for thousands of years.

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